Is it time to go yet?

I don’t mean to sound impatient, but it’s cold outside! For the past few days it has been very cold and snowy (I think most of the people in the US will agree that 3°F/-16°C is cold). So as our time in Denver is winding down, it’s hard to be patient. This year will be the first year of our lives that we will not be in a snowy climate for New Years Eve.  Instead of scurrying several icy blocks between parties (though that was fun last year — John, Tracy, and April), we’ll be knocking sand off of our bare feet. Crazy! How will we know it’s 2012 if we’re not freezing to death on midnight?

it's cold outside!

And speaking of cold, I think this will be our coldest trip to Denver International Airport too. After all, we won’t have any winter clothes with or on us. I hope the shuttles move quickly.

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