Bikes! We have them!

Today we got bikes!! Now our whole world just got a lot bigger. Our neighbor gave us a ride in his car in to the pueblo where we went to the only bike shop — where there were only two bikes. Queremos comprarlas! So despite the transactional comedies of when our neighbor was doing his best to negotiate the price of our $150 bikes in Spanish for us, saying things like “I have bike? $6000?”, now we’re the proud owners of two brand new single speed cruisers (and the only bikes available in town until January). The bikes themselves aren’t that great in terms of quality, but they 1) exist and are ours 2) have fenders and 3) have front baskets and rear racks. Pimp! They’re tanks, but they’re our tanks and we love having them. Now we can buy heavy food and bring it home in 1/4 the time (and effort) it took before and we can also do nifty things like ride them on the beach at sunset.

Of course, I’m skipping the part of the story about how the whole buying process was extremely fortuitous because we actually got bikes, it took only two hours, and then the part about the ride home via unmarked path through a field, scary mean dog chase, large stream crossing, and some serious mountain bike terrain followed by a highly dusty and hilly 3-mile road experience. Let me just say, we earned the sunset in the post above. Are we in a tropical paradise? Absolutely. Does it take a little fortitude to get here and make things happen? Yes, yes it does.

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