What Happens at 4 AM When You are House Sitting in Mexico?

Well, I’ll tell you exactly what happens at 4 AM when you are house sitting in Mexico. Though we thought we might get some sleep on our first night in the house, we were wrong about that. We also thought that sweet little ball of black fur with the tiny meow (in the photo above) would sleep as peacefully at the foot of the bed as she does in the coffee table. Uh huh. Wrong about that too. As it turns out, we have been learning night after night that there will be a 4 AM event. Like it or not.

  • Night 1: Cat brought a large lizard into the bedroom. We woke up to the barking and scuffling of the dog and cat as they chased it behind the complicated headboard. It took us 15 minutes to figure out how to move this beautifully made solid wood bed (read: heavy!) to get to the lizard. And when we got to it, it looked dead as a doornail. Give that lizard an Oscar. Brooms, calamity, and eventually we chased it out the door.
  • Night 2: Nothing we knew of… aside from the anticipation and shooting upright in bed at any odd sound.
  • Night 3: Cat brought a very large rodent thing into the bedroom. We woke up to the sounds of the dog chewing on it below the foot of the bed. Delightful. Its empty eyes let us know that unlike the lizard, it wasn’t going to spring into action. Broom + dustpan, flung it off the roof.
  • Night 4: Rain. Had to get up to close all of the windows in the house and rescue the laundry from the roof. Not a big deal, just an interruption.
  • Night 5: Thunderstorm. Didn’t wake up to the thunder directly, but rather the large dog-shaped lump on the foot of the bed that was caused by the thunder. With every flash of lightning, he crept closer and closer to us (even though he knew his being on the bed was off limits). When Mike got up to start closing windows, the dog took his space in the bed completely and was not keen on giving it up.

To promote better sleeping for us, we had a nice talk with the cat about bringing animals into the bedroom and the dog about not breaking through the bedroom door to get in the bed. However, we’re pretty sure that they only speak Spanish and some of the details may have been lost in translation. As we go to bed tonight, we’ll keep our ears piqued so that we may spring into action–ah, who am i kidding–it’s more like “sleepily go through the motions” at this point.

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