Local Flavor: Costume Characters

We were sitting at a cafe reading books and studying Spanish when this billowing silent man lurked out from around the corner. We watched as he proceeded to give candy to the people in cars at the nearby stop sign. Oddly enough, the rule about not taking candy from strange lurking men seems to be negated if the strange lurking man is in an inflatable costume. Hmm. Questionable logic.

So Mike took my picture with him.

He’s actually Dr. Simi, the mascot for the nearby pharmacy. Yes, you read that right, pharmacy. Certainly there are bizarre costume characters in the world–hot dogs, the Syracuse Orange, and even the Smiley Cookie (a costume which I had been known to wear on occasion)–but they all kind of make sense. I’ve really never considered a “hey that’s a fun old man in a lab coat! let’s go to that pharmacy!” marketing approach to medicinal care, but maybe the Mexicans are on to something. And since the start of the Olympics in London, Dr. Simi has traded in his lab coat for a Mexico jersey. I guess you’ve got to love Dr. Simi.

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