Riding in Boats

Ah, boats.

Generally Mike and I like boats. We’re delighted to be in kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, sail boats, yachts (hello yacht people: please feel free to invite us to your boat). We both had a rough bout of sea sickness on a fishing boat off the coast of Mexico in 2012, but aside from that, we like boats.

We even like lanchas, the small commuter boats here on Lake Atitlán. It is easy to flag one down; we simply stand on a dock and wave, and that’s really kind of fun. Now that we’ve done this a few times, we have a few bits of insider knowledge we can share with you should you ever find yourself standing on a dock and waving down a lancha.

  1. The boat may look like it has been filled to capacity, but you can still get on and 10 more people will get on the boat after you.
  2. Bringing your bags with you on a lancha is a pretty big hassle.
  3. The lake gets very choppy in the afternoon before a storm.
  4. If you sit in the uncovered part while the lake is choppy, you and your bags will get very wet unless this boat has a tarp you can hide under.
  5. In case of overloading and swamping by a big wave, at least there are life jackets.

For 10Q each, this adventure can be yours.

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