It may be a tiny town, but it has tofu on the menu

The town of Antigua feels like a bustling metropolis compared to the tiny towns that line Lake Atitlán. Though I could call our neighboring San Pedro a town, I think of San Marcos as more of a settlement. The main streets in San Marcos are 2 walking paths, and one of them has been almost completely washed out. Also, there are 4 tuk-tuks in San Marcos (as opposed to the 4 on each block in Antigua). Yep, that’s really all that’s needed.

We had heard that San Marcos was kind of hippie. And though we don’t fancy ourselves as being hippies, we have been enjoying some of the benefits of being in a hippie town:

  • vegetarian restaurants and even of vegan options in most restaurants
  • access to herbal remedies — hello immune boosting tinctures!
  • tofu on menus and in the markets
  • coconut oil?? uh huh, you can buy giant jars of coconut oil here
  • massage, reiki, and meditation opportunities everywhere

So in about an hour, we’re going to head on down the hill and find ourselves a massage. Later, we’ll have some tofu and then tuk-tuk it back home. This is life in San Marcos.

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