Riding Bikes Along Lago Nicaragua

Seeing that everyone else in town rides bikes (with at least 2 people per bike), we figured we’d better join the fun. So we rented a pair of classic mid-70s cruisers and headed down towards Lago Nicaragua. The day was sunny and the sky was blue, so we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to liberate ourselves from the hazards of sidewalk travel and roll blissfully down the streets on a bike. Weeeee!

Okay, it was actually really hazardous to be on bikes on the roads, and we’ll never ride bikes here again after today, but that’s not the point. The point is bikes! Yay! So we rolled down the hill to the lake and then pedaled over to the tourist area where the lake shore is lined with restaurants and beaches. Since it is the rainy season, most places were closed, but it was still a lovely ride along a paved road with a tree canopy. We saw some huge trees and a lot of horses. And before our short journey back up the small hill into town, we stopped to have a coconut.

It was a lovely afternoon that we capped off with a wood-fired pizza, some red wine, and more appreciation for the relative safety of the hazardous sidewalks on the way back home.

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