Last Night Was the First Night I Took a Bath in a Bucket

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Last night was the first night I took a bath in a bucket.

Mike came into the bathroom and said to me, “you know, you could just wait 15 minutes and the water will come back on.” At which point I half-pouted and said, “but this is just part of the adventure. Now hold this bucket so I can stick my head in it.”

And he did.

And in about 10 minutes I emerged from the bathroom, so very proud of my clean self and the very little water required to make it happen (~3 liters).

I really like having a collapsable bucket along with us as we travel. And by “along with us” I mean “in Mike’s bag instead of mine until we need to use it.” Yes, I’m terrible like that. It’s not that we plan to take bucket baths regularly. As previously stated, I’ve only ever done that once. It’s just that buckets are so darn handy.

I originally bought our bucket after having to put out a wild fire on the beach in Costa Rica with only tiny plastic bottles and other trash that was around. We were able to do it, but having a frigging bucket to carry ocean water to the flames would have been really useful. I also imagined carrying a bounty of kale and chard from the organic farmers market with it. Was I also wearing a sun hat and sun dress and skipping in this fantasy? Tra la la la! maybe…? But that’s beside the point. The point is, that’s why I bought the thing.

We have since used it for carrying laundry, washing laundry, flushing toilets, and now, bathing. But no romantic fire or farmers market escapades. Since we are headed back to that same beach in Costa Rica, my bucket-use fantasies have kind of rekindled. So we’ll see what happens. In the mean time, I am happy to collapse this fabulous bucket, shove it into its case, and then place it on Mike’s pile of things to pack.

Oh and for the record, last night the water did not come back on in 15 minutes. It was more like 45.

High-five to my bucket-bath forerunning friends Mickki and Kerani. With your sage bucket bathing tips, I was able to pull this thing off successfully. 

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