Highlights from Ometepe

After a month and a half in Nicaragua, we finally made it to Ometepe island — the big double-volcano island in Lake Nicaragua. Our travels on the island were a little slower than we anticipated because of things like serious downpours and the fact that busses don’t run on Sundays. Some highlights include:

  • Hacienda Merida’s map of Ometepe. Not only does it clearly look like boobs, the whole creation story of this island is about boobs. Read about that here.
  • Torrential downpours. We’ve seen some serious water fall from the sky here, and it’s been awesome every time.
  • Walking on water at the Punta de Jesus y Maria
  • Having an unintentional tour of this beautiful island via bus
  • Seeing a bus that shares a name with my mom, Mi Pequeña Priscila
  • Playing in the lake on the beautiful beach in Santo Domingo
  • The resident rooster at Xalli
  • Being the mysterious only guests in a small room attached to a cafe that was totally empty at night
  • Having our own indoor latrine
  • Kayaking from the lake through the wetlands
  • Fabulously educational conversations about farming with Ben of Cafe Campestre
  • Chasing little pigs from the back yard to keep them from ruining the graywater system
  • Solving my broken watch band problem by sewing my watch onto a bracelet that was made here on the island
  • Seriously delicious food at the Cornerhouse, Cafe Campestre, and Xalli

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