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Back in the long long ago, when Mike and I first packed our bags and flung ourselves from Denver southward to the unknown parts of Costa Rica, we landed in a small beach town called Nosara. We were new to this whole traveling thing. We had no idea what to expect.

It has been nearly 2 years since we first set foot on this beach, 23 months to be exact. So coming back here has been kind of a full-circle thing for us. However, being here at the end of rainy season like we did the first time, and being here at the beginning of rainy season, like we are now, are two very different things.

Last time we were here, it didn’t rain at all and the beaches were beautiful. This time, the rain is plentiful, frequent, and fantastic! It’s some serious water falling from the sky with some awesome insta-flooding capabilities. It’s the kind of rain that blasts through the center of your umbrella and runs down the pole.

The sand fleas, however, are not awesome and they’ve more or less kept us from going to the beach at any time of day. Those of you who have not been bitten by sand fleas need to know that they’ve got a powerful itch that in combination with the sheer volume of bites you get from their highly skilled sand flea flash mobs of biting doom will leave you glassy-eyed and muttering “iiiiitchy…” until the Alergel kicks in. Last year the one time I was swarmed by sand fleas, Mike scoured all of the mini markets to find Calamine as I rocked myself on the couch trying ever so hard not to scratch. This year, the sand fleas flocked to Mike every time he got close to the beach, but we were ready with Alergel in-hand.

And by the way, Alergel is our favorite thing ever. We picked up a tube in a pharmacy in Liberia when we were looking for Calamine lotion. The pharmacist recommended Alergel instead Calamine and boy are we glad he did.

We are a little concerned about getting stuck in Nosara, given the rain + dirt road situation, so we’re headed south to Samara where roads are paved and where we can catch a direct bus to San Jose, which is our next stop before hitting the caribbean coast.

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