It’s fairly often that Mike says to me, “hey look over there.”

I could be turning to look at a tree, a bus, or the local hippy grocery store we’ve been trying to find. Though 90% of the time, it’s a cat.

However, today, it was a howler monkey. Sitting on the kitchen counter. Eating all of the bananas. As monkeys do.

We watched her plow through 1.5 bananas before I said, “well, I guess I should let them know there’s a monkey in the kitchen.” So Mike stayed to watch while I went off to find the hostel host. When I told her the news, she sprung out of her poolside chair saying, “is it 4:15 already?”

That’s right. Not, “eek!”
Not, “quick grab a broom!”
Not even, “no way! a monkey??”

Nope. Just “is it 4:15 already?” And indeed it was 4:18 pm.

As it turns out, this plundering primate has become somewhat of a regular, unwanted visitor. Her name is Linda and she lives next door. If her people don’t feed her in time, she waltzes over via the power lines and just takes what she wants. No one except Linda is very pleased with this arrangement.

5 bananas later, and after a barrage of dog barking and people shouting at her, Linda casually made her way back along the power lines to her house.  And since the market had closed, there would be no bananas for for breakfast tomorrow.

Dang monkeys.

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