Around Town in Puerto Viejo

This is the first time we’ve seen the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is so different from our experiences on the Pacific coast. There is very little surfing, but the waveless beaches are excellent for swimming. The water is clear and blue and the people are mellow. This town seems to be full of genuine happiness.

Some travelers we met along the way told us that when we got here, we’d find that this town was full of pot smoke just hanging in the air. We thought they were exaggerating. You know, to go with all of the Caribbean “hey mon” and reggae music. In fact, on the bus trip in, we smelled a few skunks. So we thought that they had been mistaken.

Nope. They were telling it straight. As soon as the sun went down and people started to come out to have dinner and drinks, the humid air got a little bit stickier, a little bit cloudier, and ever so slightly skunkier.  Frankly, it felt a little like home. Aww Denver, we miss you.

For the record, ooh baby, it is hot here. In the brief times when clouds offered a little break from the sun, and I was not delirious with sun exhaustion, we walked around and shot a few photos.

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