MacGyver Shit

My Recommendation: must-carry

Find it: everywhere if you keep your eyes open

Why I Carry It:
You always have to carry some MacGyver Shit. If you don’t ever need to rig anything, at least you’ll feel like a badass when you pack things into the “MacGyver Shit” pocket in your backpack.

Here is some of the MacGyver shit I carry:

  • Paracord / clothesline: to be used as a clothesline or it can be cut and used as needed
  • Actual travel clothesline [link coming soon]
  • Suction cups with hooks: you can create lots of great rigups with suction cups and paracord
  • S-hooks
  • Carabiners
  • Small pieces of cord: used most regularly as fasteners for soap or hanging backpacks
  • Some nylon strap webbing: used to reinforce or repair
  • 2 sewing needles, whit thread, black thread
  • A small screwdriver
  • A wrench <– MIA!
  • Soap holders (or whatever you cal those little spiky things that keep your soap out of puddles)
  • Curler pins: pack super small but are amazing clothes pins
  • Clips: used most frequently in the kitchen
  • Rubber bands: also used most frequently in the kitchen

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