Backpack and Bus Travel Day

Sometimes on travel days, I grumble as I strategically shove all of my things into my bag. I always feel like I have too many things. Always. If I’m carrying a water bottle and an umbrella to dinner — and nothing else — I still feel like I’m carrying too many things, despite the fact that those two things are very relevant to my current needs. And at the same time, I’ll grumble that I don’t have a nice enough dress or shirt or something because my wardrobe is limited.

So that’s me. Always striving to minimize, always trying to figure out the perfect pack job to give me everything I want without the bulk. It’s a puzzle for sure.

Today was our second long day on a bus from Boquete to Panama City. Though it was a little bit cramped having our backpacks sitting on the floor by our feet, we were happy to have all of our stuff right next to us and not down in the belly of the bus. And this is that that looked like.

packing light

When we arrived at the bus terminal, we were able to hop off the bus and wander over to the bathrooms and taxi area without needing to deal with the line of people getting luggage from the belly of the bus. It was like having VIP access to the bathrooms and first dibs on taxis. Yeah!

So despite my grumbling, I am very pleased with this ease of travel today. And we’re looking forward to ditching our bags and finding that brewery that’s supposed to be a few blocks from our AirBnB tonight…

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