Bicycles Take over the Night

At first there was hooting and hollering. Then there was lots of shouting. Perhaps a soccer game was getting good? The yelling and cheering got louder… closer…

And then the tell-tale cha-ching of a bicycle bell gave it away.

I stepped out onto our balcony to find a river of cyclists flowing past our apartment building. I have no idea why there were so many of them — so many of them — but they kept on coming and it was awesome!

Cars were forced out of intersections (which is a particular delight for me because in this neighborhood, cars don’t actually stop at stop signs or slow down for a pedestrian crossing) and the bicycles poured through — some bearing speakers and rocking out music for the nearby riders. It was a lot like the Denver Cruisers rides and it reminded me of home. Awww, Denver.

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