SteriPEN Ultra

My Rating: 5 star rating

My Recommendation: Don’t leave home without it

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Why I Packed It:
I really really hate bottled water. The plastic waste is unnecessary, absurd, and really harmful. But on travel days (i.e. bus stations in Panama) when we don’t have access to purified water, we find ourselves short on hydration options. Furthermore, have you ever had a case of the Guatemalan quick-steppin’ gut rot — complete with fever? I have. I mean, as much fun as fevers, horrible cramps, and being relegated to bathroom for two weeks is, I prefer to spend my days doing other things… like paddling a log down a river, or going snorkeling.

Usage details:
We bought this in November of 2013 and have used it many many times between then and now. I bought it to replace a water bottle filter system that was leaky and cumbersome. The SteriPEN fits into both of our Kleen Kanteen bottles (regular and widemouth) and has delivered us safely to purified water countless times. This particular unit has a little trouble with cold water and gives us errors until we can bring the water to room temperature. Once the temperature is good, it works on the first try almost every time. No more buying bottled water in the Mexican airports! Hooray!

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