Flip & Tumble Cross-Body Bag

I’m always on the look out for solid travel gear. So when I told the people at Flip & Tumble just how much I loved their 24/7 Reusable Grocery bags (because I loooove them), they said they had something even better for me to try out. And oh nelly, they were right… sort of.

My Rating: 5 star rating

My Recommendation: Smart bag choice as day bag and inter-backpack organizer

Find it on: flipandtumble.com

Why I Love It:
It’s nice to have a sturdy bag that’s not your backpack and this one is totally sturdy, but also simple, elegant, and super functional. It’s also got two, that’s right, two zipper pockets where you can keep your keys, phone, or other loose things you need to grab easily. And it even comes in plain black — a nicely non-gendered option.

Usage Notes:
I’ve used this bag as a messenger bag for running errands, picking up groceries, and as a purse for the past month now. I’ve hauled groceries, small pieces of lumber (yes, seriously), tools, wine, extra clothes, and a whole slew of other random things in it. It’s washable (no machine dry) and is a pretty much kickass day bag. Since part of how I plan to use this bag is as a compression sack for my clothing, I also tried a little travel packing with it today. Though the zipper mouth is a little small for sliding in folded clothes, when I rolled my clothes, it worked beautifully.

Now about this being sort of right…

The cross-body is an elegant bag and I’m looking forward to it being a new travel sidekick on my next adventure. However, it is a totally different bag than the 24/7 reusable grocery bags (which pack super small) and I plan to keep on using the grocery bags as grocery bags.

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