How Harry Potter Proved Me Wrong and Made Me Jealous at the Same Time

A few months back, I released a book on packing light for indefinite travel while freelancing. And naturally, only a few weeks after launching the book, Harry Potter had to prove me wrong.

Dangit, Harry Potter.

You see, the first sentence in the “Choose Your Stuff” chapter in my book says:

Even the most highly-designed, kickass bag will weigh you down if you’ve packed it full of Harry Potter hardbacks and extra shoes.

Now take a look back up there at that photo. Do you see that Harry Potter book on the right? It’s like a brick. Look at it just sitting there… being all… well, there. And then take a step back and look at everything else. You’re looking at this guy’s full travel inventory and there isn’t much. He is traveling with very little stuff, but that stuff does indeed include a Harry Potter book. Which leads me to the next sentence in that chapter:

What you choose to carry in the limited real estate of your bag will tell you a lot about who you are and what you value.

Clearly this guy values freedom and levity over luxury — except when it comes to magic and stories about epic Quiddich matches. What can I say? I like his style. But did it really have to be a Harry Potter book? Really? The one example I used? At least he isn’t carrying a bunch of extra shoes…

P.S. Big thanks to Olga for keeping a keen eye out and sending this photo to me.

P.P.S.  I’m totally jealous of his Harry Potter book.

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