You can’t keep me down, I’ve got a bike!

Mike and I were supposed to go camping this weekend, but that didn’t work out. So we decided to find a cabin or condo to rent in the mountains. But that didn’t work out either. And part of that was 1) rental cars in Denver cost $200+ / day and 2) even if we had wanted to splurge massively and rent one of those $200+ cars, none were available. So there was no getting to the mountains.

But there were still foothills. And we could get to them on our bikes.


So we threw a few things in a bag, put a little air in our tires, and headed 17 miles west out of Denver.

Nearly there... only 7 miles to go
Nearly there… only 7 miles to go

Now let me tell you, we ride our bikes every day. We ride to get groceries, go to meetings, run errands, and all kinds fo stuff. But we generally don’t ride 17 miles at a time. My bike is a ’74 Schwinn — which means it’s made of solid steel and weighs about 6 tons and Mike’s bike is an old single speed. So when friends tell us, “oh it only takes about an hour to get to Golden” we just automatically double that in our heads.

And that was about right. Between bike weight and the stiff head wind, it took us about 2 hours to get there — and the ride was gorgeous! Once we got up out of the city, we could see the rolling hills and it was amazing. It was so liberating to get out of the city on our own power, at our own speed, and on our own timeline. Ahhhhhh yes.

We enjoyed it so much, by the time we got to Golden, we plunked our butts down on a bench and ordered up some cool beverages. I had myself a frozen wine… because that’s classy.

Wine-ga-rita. Keeping it classy.
Wine-ga-rita. Keeping it classy.

Then later, we went to the Nepalese restaurant where Mike dumped 1/4 of his food on his lap. But that’s a story for another time. The point of this story is yay! bikes!

And then on the way home, we rode our bikes to the metro station and rode the metro back home. Which brings me to the corollary of this story: yay metro!

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