BukaLite™ Survival Bracelet

Mike has been wearing his Bison Designs money belt every day since he got it in the winter of 2011. So I decided to ask Bison Designs if they had anything else as brilliant for travelers. As it turns out, they did.

My Rating: 5 star rating

My Recommendation: If you’re going 3rd world, bring it. If you’re going to Western Europe, skip it.

Find it on: bisondesigns.com

Why I Love It:
No, it’s not the most stylish thing. Even as a person who’s never really been able to successfully dress myself in a tidy, matching ensemble (and you can ask my sister about that), I can tell this accessory ain’t made for it’s looks. But it solves a problem I’ve had for the past 2 years of travel. You see, when you’re in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and other tropical places, you can’t wander around barefoot at night. I mean, you can, but you’ll very likely step on something or someone you don’t want to. And by that, I mean scorpions. Even though I love my headlamp, the band was too tight to fit around my wrist for sleeping, and I didn’t want to leave it outside of the mosquito net. Having a small light that’s attached comfortably to my wrist is ideal in these situations. The same goes for camping. You don’t want to lose that headlamp while you’re sleeping, but wearing it isn’t an option. Man, I wish I had this bracelet with me when we were in Mazunte.

And then there’s the whole paracord thing. The bracelet is made of paracord — a super strong but lightweight rope that has endless survival uses and a several uses for travel. The only downside is that one you unravel the bracelet, it’s not a bracelet anymore.

Usage Notes:
At this point, I’ve only used this bracelet within the bug-free comfort of our apartment in Denver. But it is made well and it functions well.

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