They’re here! The exciting new flashcard rebrand just went all Gringa


Guess what came in the mail today! A print-proof decks of my shiny new Chatty Gringa deck rebrand. As you may know, I created a set of flash cards that double as playing cards for the savvy traveler who loves multi-purpose things. Learn Spanish and play poker with new hostel friends? Heck yeah.

I did a trial release of those cards as Beach Break Spanish in March of this year. With a little community feedback, I took another approach and rebranded them as Chatty Gringa – Spanish Travel Phrases. It’s the same awesome beach-specific travel phrases an vocab, but all wrapped up in a kitschy box for my fellow traveling gringas. Don’t worry guys, it works for men too.

You guys, I have so much fun making these things. Ain’t life grand?

Read more the deck here or…

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