Clik Elite Klettern Product Review

Since the people at Clik Elite are awesome, and I really love backpacks, they sent me this pack to review. Clik Elite makes backpacks specifically for photographer adventurers, so I was super excited to try out anything they sent. I received a Klettern pack in April and I’ve been using it all summer throughout my Denver adventures. So without further ado, here’s my Clik Elite Klettern product review.


My Rating: 4 star rating

My Recommendation: Great for city errands and adventures.

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Why I Love It: So first of all, people love this bag. Almost everywhere I go, someone will tell me how much they like my backpack. And I get it. It’s a sexy little number. It’s so sleek, subtly striped, and it’s got gorgeous leather details. But that’s not why I love this bag. I mean, sure, it’s nice to be sporting a little bit of arm candy… back candy?… while I’m out and about, but I’m a function girl. Despite the usual weather trends, in has been raining nearly daily in Denver all summer. Normally the rain stops in July and it gets HOT. So this is weird. I know, it’s a sign of the end of the world…  but anyway this means even though every time I have to ride my bike 5 or more miles, I get rained on. And my gorgeous Klettern has a built-in, custom-fit rain fly that works like a dream. I can even carry my bazillion dollar MacBook laptop without worrying about it getting ruined. This is a good thing.

Another good thing: there is a laptop sleeve in this bag. It’s got a velcro strap closure and 2 meshy accessory pockets. Now here’s the only reason I’ve give this pack 4 instead of 5 stars. The back of the pack is soft and not rigid. This means, I if there’s any weight in the top compartment (which ideally, it has a whole SLR camera in it), the back panel kind of buckles and makes it hard to shove a laptop in. Just a little reinforcement back there would help a lot.

Usage Notes:

Let’s see… what haven’t I carried with this pack? Since I ride my bike everywhere, I’ve got to count on a bag to help me get my stuff from point A to point B. Groceries are my standard load. And a bonus feature is since the top compartment comes up above the arm straps, it’s possible for me to loop one of my grocery bags around the top compartment if I should happen to get a little too excited in the chip aisle and overflow the pack’s capacity. The tripod pouch has also come in handy during a few trips to the hardware store when I’ve picked up wood.

Overall, this is a highly functional bag with excellent construction quality, smart features, and a totally sexy look. I think it’s really perfect for city use and have really enjoyed using it this summer!

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