Mississippi Mud and a Christmas Flat

On the day after Christmas, Mike and I decided that we needed to 1) get the heck out of the house and 2) finally actually go spend some time next to this really big river we constantly hear but we can’t ever seem to see. You see, the Mississippi River is so full of cargo ships and surrounded by docks and ports in this neighborhood that we find that our only direct river experience is hearing the forklifts beep beep beep beeping all day and night when a big shipment comes in.

And that’s just silliness! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (or a murderous spouse…), so we hopped on our bikes and headed over to the park where there is a break in the industry. Lo and behold, the Mighty Miss was there, ushering barges and tug boats and scowling back at the cloudy gray sky.

That's a seriously large boat
That’s a seriously large boat
Look at us all pink-nosed from the thrill of getting the heck out of the house...
Look at us all pink-nosed from the thrill of getting out of the house…

Mike scampered down the bank and investigated the rusty ruins of a boat wedged deeply in the mud.

Yeah, it looks like he's peeing. He's actually just climbing down some big blocks made of caged rocks.
Yeah, it looks like he’s peeing. He’s actually just climbing down some big blocks made of caged rocks.
Ohh she's seen better days.
Ohh she’s seen better days.

And then I followed. The rust was really impressive.

When we climbed back up the bank, we grabbed our bikes and headed toward the river trail. But something was wrong with mine.


I had gotten a flat and had nothing with which to fix it. So that was the end of our adventure as we had planned it. We decided it was time to start the hour walk home. Walking isn’t a bad way to get around. We walk quite a bit. But there’s something about walking my bike home with a flat tire squeaking the whole time that makes me feel like walking is such an impressive burden.

But, if we hadn’t been walking, we probably would have missed seeing the giraffes.

As it turns out, there is a zoo on the south end of the park and in that park are giraffes. So not all was lost. Mike said, “hey look. Giraffes,”  and I said “yep,” as if seeing giraffes in New Orleans was something I did every day. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me…


We continued on and then stopped by Whole Foods at the half way point and had ourselves some food from the hot bar… and a couple of cookies. After that, we just continued our slow walk home.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you walk slowly enough, you might end up seeing giraffes and eating cookies. And that’s not such an impressive burden after all.

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