My Underpants Are Out for Vote. Are you In?


Some of you may remember when I made my prototype pair of zipper pocket underwear — the perfect adventure underpants for ladies like us. Now they’re out for vote for production with Betabrand! This would mean, in addition to my regular freelance design hustle, I’d be producing a piece of clothing — that people can buy. Crazy! I sure would appreciate a vote and share :)


About the Shorts

Here’s the concept: lightweight super cute shorts you can wear to transform any skirt into an adventure-ready skort. They’re rocking zipper-closure security pockets long enough to hold your passport, phone, keys, money, pepper spray, pocket knife, emergency paracord, pet parakeet, or whatever other necessities must be with you at all times.

Let’s be honest, sometimes a girl’s got to climb up into the back of a chicken bus or leap down into an overloaded motor boat or pedal madly away from a pack of dogs and she ain’t got time for dainty.

And if she’s a traveling nomad, she ain’t got space in her bag for useless garments. These Super Secret Travel Undershorts also function as…

  • Security undershorts on travel days when you need to have your passport handy, but also safe
  • Workout & yoga shorts with the bonus of being able to keep your ID, money, keys, and pepper spray with you
  • Swimming shorts for surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking with no worries about losing your keys
  • Extra pockets to wear under any casual dress, yoga pants, cocktail dress, or leggings that don’t already have a place to store your stash.
  • Bike shorts to wear under any skirt or dress while biking

They’re fast-drying, small-packing, and an indispensable part of any adventuring girl’s wardrobe, see?











What Adventures Will You Have in These Underpants?


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