Feet + Mousetraps + Juggling for Tips: LARF

Last weekend, instead of going off to battle fellow shoppers during the madness of Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, we set off to the 1500s to battle… um… boredom? spending a day without wearing wings? lack-of-juggling-itis? scurvy?

Well regardless, we mounted our noble 4-cylinder steed and headed north into the great unknown…  across the vast lagoon called Lake Pontchartrain… through the wee hamlet called Robert, and then past the bright yellow port-a-potties… to a time and place called LARF.

In other words, we went to the Louisiana Renaissance Festival. Huzzah!


There, we saw many faeries, lords, ladies, wenches, witches, and a Ghostbuster. And I even had the privilege of standing in line for the privy just in front of a belligerent Trekkie.  But back to the bit about mousetraps and feet…

These crazy fellas had a juggling duel wearing only their socks, while they traipsed over a floor covered in mousetraps and two women dangled additional mousetraps around their faces. And it looked like this:


It was nuts. Oh, and have I mentioned that Mike has been known to juggle fire on occasion?

Larkspur, Colorado circa 2010
Larkspur, Colorado circa 2010

Yep. Fire. And sometimes five-gallon water jugs, but not at the same time — though that would be convenient for when he drops things. For me though, I took the opportunity at LARF’s Ye Ol’ Juggling Tent to give the ol’ hula hoop and devil sticks a try.


Long after we huzzahed our last huzzah and spent our last ducats on tipping the mousetrap jugglers and buying crappy pizza and an explosion of spiral-shaped french fried potato chip-fries, we discovered much to our dismay that the bridge across Lake Pontchartrain that had previously taken us towards the LARF was indeed a cash-only toll bridge on the way back home.

How did that happen? What kind of black magic was this?? What kind of self-respecting toll bridge only charges for one direction? Whose idea was it to spend all of our cash on an explosion of spiral-shaped french fried potato chip-fries? As we pulled up to the booth with the $3 fee clearly posted, I counted up the loose change from the car console and handed it to Mike. He rolled down the window and said to the toll booth attendant, “I’m sorry, we only have $2.”

She said, “I see,” then slowly shook her head as she pushed the button releasing the evil bridge troll who swiftly reached into our driver’s side window, plucked Mike from his seat, and ate him.

Naw! Kidding! That totally didn’t happen! Bwahahahahaha!

So no, but seriously, we were actually at the toll booth and only had $2 of the necessary $3 to cross. And when Mike said, “I’m sorry, we only have $2,” the attendant smiled and said, “I’ll take it!” followed by a cheery “I’ll put a dollar in for ya!”

“Really?? Thank you!” We said, completely shocked by her kindness and even more so by how happy she was to do it.

“Uh huh! Y’all have a good night!” She said as she pushed the button raising the bar so we could drive on to the bridge…

And then we drove home. It was uneventful. The end.


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