Playing with Plants: My Wooden Air Plant Necklace Project

Some of my goals in life include 1) not being so dang serious all the time, 2) doing things that are not screen-related, and 3) enjoying my local nature. Spending time in New Orleans means spending time with some really gorgeous nature. Spoiler Alert: This post also mentions how I love Live Oak trees. I know I do this frequently, and that it makes me sound a little I-love-Lamp…

but I really do love them.

That said… I love these trees! I mean, look at them:

Photo by Alex Demyan . He's got gorgeous prints of New Orleans available here:
Photo by Alex Demyan. He’s got gorgeous prints of New Orleans available on

Just before the holidays, I decided I needed a little more tree in my life. I just wanted to have a wooden plant friend that I could wear on my neck, so I made one. It looks like this:


And now I have a little plant friend that I can wear when he’s not basking in the window sill. If you want your very own air plant necklace, I wrote this Instructable to show you how.

Since I had a whole dowel rod, I made several of these guys and a few of them already have found their way to a new home. I hope to sell the extras to a funky little store down Magazine Street. We’ll see how it goes.




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