When it’s good for the internet and your teeth


Back in late 2013, when Mike and I were roaming the cloud forest of Panama, we wrote a little blog post about dental floss. Like many of the places we’d been, there was trash everywhere in Panama, and buying a silly spool of 25yd dental floss was what inspired the post.

Who would have thought that three years later, that floss post would catch the eye of a person who was passionate enough about floss to make her own natural floss with a reusable (and pretty cute) container?

And even then, that she’d want to reference our research as the “Did you know?” section on her packaging?

It’s good to publish useful articles because they help people find the information they need to make decisions — and in some cases — bring a new product to market. It makes the internet a smarter place. We’ve published so many posts, it’s nice to see how one in particular has been beneficial. That was a pretty cool way to close out 2016.

So check it out: Dental Lace. We’re on the packaging ;)

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