St Joseph’s Day a.k.a. Super Sunday in New Orleans

On any given festival day in New Orleans, there is too much for one person to go see and do. #neworleansproblems And this was the case for me on St Joseph’s Day. Well… that and I didn’t really know these things were going on.

For example, I learned that festivities for St Joseph’s Day include the Catholic churches preparing beautiful and elaborate altars and big meals open to the public.

St Joseph’s Altar

I also learned that this is the day the Mardi Gras Indians all come out to celebrate and parade. Though I didn’t see this festival or any of these people in their AMAZING, handmade, beaded costumes in person, I was able to snag some good pics from instagram.

Mardi Gras Indian pic by blackhawkdesign
Mardi Gras Indian pic by beyondthebayoutours

You want to know what I was doing instead of witnessing this incredible part of New Orleans Culture? Chopping vegetables. Do I feel sad about this? Well, yeah, kinda.

A key to surviving in New Orleans is pacing yourself. After all, Mardi Gras is a 10-day series of intense, beautiful, lively, engaging, and loud parades that go past my house. I just prefer to at least know when I’m opting out of something amazing.

I recommend that you check out more photos of the Mardi Gras Indians on instagram. They are simply gorgeous!

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