Enjoying the Silence of the Bayou in Slidell

It has been a while since Mike and I left the city. And by “the city”, I mean, left being in a city at all. I’m not sure how long it actually has been, but it feels like years. A couple of weeks ago, we wandered around in the patch of woods in New Orleans’ City Park called the Couturie Forest and decided that we needed more of this, asap.

So we went to Slidell and didn’t come back for a couple of days.

While we were there, we enjoyed a lot of down time with nature sounds and did very little else. These pics show some of the gorgeous places we spent our time.

Taking a break from riding the Tammany Trace out of Covington
We even did a little lake-side arcade game action in Mandeville

Canoeing on the bayou

And that about sums it up! We absolutely loved our time in Slidell, adored our hosts, and would love to go back again.


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