The EcoVessel: the Best-for-me Water Bottle Ever

ecovessel water bottle

Any of you who know me, know I strive for a minimalist lifestyle — which means I don’t like to have a lot of extra crap lying around. This also means the stuff I do have is purchased intentionally and with great care for the details. That said, I’ve been having a water bottle struggle since 2011 and I think that today, I can finally call this struggle finished. I have found the perfect-for-me water bottle.

You may recall my attempts to make my Klean Kanteen work better for me by using capCAP. Unfortunately, even capCAP’s version 2.0 was still a leaky fit for my Klean Kanteen. I was so sad. How hard was it for water bottle manufacturers to get this thing right?? I mean, some of us [ahem, ME] consistently pour water all over ourselves from widemouth bottles when we’re in motion — and we’re always in motion.

Which is why I am so glad that I FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT-FOR-ME WATER BOTTLE! Without further ado, meet the EcoVessel Boulder, 24oz:

ecovessel water bottle
The EcoVessel has all of my favorite features: small mouth for drinking, wide mouth for cleaning, cup holder-sized, and DOESN’T LEAK

This is my list of must-have features in a water bottle, and holy cow, this bottle has them all

  • It does not leak: This means, I can fill it with room temp water (not hot), seal it up, throw it in a backpack next to my laptop, and not worry. I’m a hearty skeptic when it comes to leaks, so even though it hasn’t come close to leaking yet, I’m still testing (away from my laptop) on this point.
  • It has a simple leakproof spout for drinking: so I don’t pour water all over myself while trying to drink in a car, bus, plane, or while walking. Plus, there is no flippy straw mechanism to clean. It’s just a smaller hole. So simple.
  • The drinking spout is 100% covered when not in use: because dirt, mud, poo, and travel germs are everyplace. The only germs I want up in my drinking spout are the ones coming from my own mouth.
  • There is a widemouth opening: for filling, cleaning, and using a SteriPen, because this is waaaay easier than a narrow mouth and a must-have for SteriPen sterilization.
  • It fits in a normal cup holder: because that’s what my backpack bottle holder can fit and every other cup holder on the planet (cars, movie theater seats, etc.).
  • It’s made of a sturdy material: no glass water bottles or questionable plastic for me, please. If this thing takes a header down some rocks or simply off a table onto concrete, I’m not worried about the outcome.

Features that I think are really nice, but aren’t necessary for me

  • It’s insulated: so that if the water coming out of the water fountain is super cold, I won’t have a sweaty, drippy water bottle to shove inside a bag, in the magazine pocket on an airplane, or on someone’s coffee table.
  • It’s got a clean shape and look: I don’t need a statement water bottle with curvy sides or a fancy paint job. In fact, I prefer my water bottles to make no statement at all so that they’re appropriate in a professional setting. Ex: my scuffed-up purple plastic Nalgene didn’t find itself on the table during work meetings very often.
  • The logo is minimal: back to the point above. I don’t need a logo shouting itself at me all the time. Shhhhhhh. Let’s all just calm down and enjoy the quiet.
  • Carry loop affixes to the bottle too, not just the cap: which means the pressure of carrying, swinging, etc. lands partially on the bottle, not just the cap — reducing the chance of the cap popping off.

Bonus feature that I’ll probably never use

  • Strainer basket: when snapped into place, this will prevent ice, tea leaves, fruit, or whatever else I may have shoved into my water bottle from colliding with my face as I drink. It doesn’t apply to me because I tend to not shove extra things into my water. I am so glad it is removable!
Totally appropriately-sized drinking spout with minimal threading keeps me from pouring water down my shirt
Big ol’ widemouth opening means I can fill this at drinking fountains easily
ecovessel strainer
Strainer basket to hold back ice or tea leaves, if you’re into that sort of thing

EcoVessel criticism — because, yes, I am that picky

  • It’s a little bit hard to unscrew the spout cap. If the edges had a few subtle ridges like the widemouth cap does, it would be easier for my weenie little web developer hands to grip.
  • The spout cap’s short threading takes a little getting used to. It goes from firmly-in-place to unscrewed quickly, leaving me grabbing onto the spout in that split second hand-adjust moment while unscrewing it. This means I’ve just put my nasty travelly fingers on the spout. #facepalm
  • The brushed stainless steel could be a little bit more brushed as to further avoid finger prints.

Points to Look Out For

I tend to use water bottles with just plain, room-temp water. This means I’m not using ice, boiling water, or tea-temp water. I’m not filling it with coffee, smoothies, sugary juice, alcohols, soda, or carbonated water. If you put any of those items in your water bottles regularly, I suggest doing more research because they may not agree with this bottle.

In Conclusion

I am so glad to have finally found this bottle! Now, to be quite honest, I’m never eager to put a water-carrying vessel anywhere near my electronics, so even though it has been 100% leakproof so far, there will still be several more trial runs with this bottle before it gets to snuggle up with my laptop or phone. But over all — I LOVE THIS THING. Obviously, this overflowing love emotion is partly due to the fact that it took me SIX YEARS to get a bottle like this, but, damn it feels good.

I’m curious to hear what other water bottles have won over your hearts and which ones you’d recommend for their travel-friendly features.

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