anne & mike

What in the heck are we thinking?

Well, you only live once, right? I used to be terrified of being roughed up and drown by the ocean. So I went surfing. Now I’m not so afraid of the ocean. Mike, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid of the ocean, and surfing was simply a dream cone true. But I digress…

We are both afraid of one very important thing: having gone through life without living the way we truly wanted. We want to make sure we’re living our lives on purpose and not just stumbling through each day, month, year, decade while our dreams fade in favor of practicality.

Having always wanted to travel, we decided that it was now or never and that if we didn’t make it happen, “someday” would never come. So in 2011 we donated or sold everything we own (including selling over 100 things on craigslist and making countless trips to Goodwill to unload carloads of stuff). In late December 2011, we flew to Costa Rica and have been nomadic since. A big chunk of 2012 was spent in Pittsburgh due to a family illness, but it was an adventure nonetheless. Our future travel plans include more time in Central and South America and then off to other continents.

We invite you to share in our experiences as we make our way into the corners and crevices of life and travel.

– Anne and Mike

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