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A Shifted Perspective

This content comes from, another blog we were writing as we traveled through Latin America 2011-2014. We’ve retired that site and the content is now archived here. Check it out! It’s got some inspiring stuff about people saving the world in small and big ways.

Stop Buying Stuff

We hear the messages over and over again to buy the fastest version, the newest model, and the most recent upgrade. We’re …

“Figure out what the question is. Many of us think, when we’re talking about design, is that it’s all about solving the problem and being creative about that. But I find generally, the most interesting solutions come out of the most interesting questions. That insight about what the problem might actually be is often the most important and the biggest creative step. If you just assume you know the question, especially if it is the same question everybody else is asking, you’ll probably get to the same answer everybody else is getting. But if you study a little bit and think a little bit and maybe look at things from a slightly different perspective — really get under the skin of the people you’re trying to serve — it’s surprising how often you end up completely reframing the question.”

Tim Brown
CEO & President of IDEO
Author of Change by Design

→ 26 February, 2014

“We want every kid to look out a classroom and see a beautiful green roof growing food that will be accessible to all from the school.”

Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx Machine

→ 30 January, 2014