Travel Itinerary

City Country Start Summary
New Orleans, Louisiana USA October 17, 2014  We head south, but still in the US for a whole new city and whole new cultural experience… related posts
Denver, Colorado USA April 1, 2014  We head back home for a little while.
Anne + Mike: Medellín, Antioquia Colombia Dec. 28, 2013  Anne joins Mike here at the end of December.
Anne: Mazunte, Oaxaca Mexico Dec. 1, 2013 A whole month of yoga. So much yoga… related posts
Mike: Medellín, Antioquia Colombia Nov. 30, 2013  Life in a bigger city, experiencing a little bit of South America for the first time.
Panama City Panama Nov. 28, 2013 Checking out the big city and the canal before catching flights to different countries…
Boquete, Chiriqui Panama Sept. 12, 2013 Blissfully comfortable rainy season in the mountains… related posts
Bocas del Toro Panama Sept. 10, 2013 A short stopover between Puerto Viejo and Boquete … related posts
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca Costa Rica Sept. 5, 2013 Being way too hot and travel weary… related posts
Nosara, Guanacaste Costa Rica Aug. 26, 2013 A little nostalgia, going back to the first place we landed in late 2011… related posts
Ometepe Nicaragua Aug. 15, 2013 Taking some time off while relaxing on a volcano island in the middle of a lake…
León, León Nicaragua Jul. 27, 2013 Some beach time, some forest time, a couple of camioneta (chicken bus) rides, and lots of time with good folks… related posts
Granada, Granada Nicaragua Jun. 28, 2013 A little ping pong, a lot of work, and a last-minute discovery of a pool… related posts
Lake Atitlan, Sololá Guatemala Jun. 20, 2013 Hanging out in a gorgeous house, navigating tiny walkways, riding lanchas and tuk tuks… related posts
Antigua, Sacatepéquez Guatemala May 18, 2013 Amazing markets, seeing life in a trash dump, some chocolate fondue, a coffee tour, and a night in a tree house… related posts
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo Mexico April 10, 2013 Pet sitting and snorkeling… related posts
Valladolid, Yucatan Mexico Mar. 30, 2013 Cenote swimming! Mayan Ruins! So much fun… related posts
Greensburg, Pennsylvania USA Mar. 21, 2013 Spending some time with Grandma… related posts
Todos Santos, Baja Cal. Sur Mexico Jan. 14, 2013 Whale watching, tequila sipping, wine tasting, micro brews, lots of great people, lots of great art and music… related posts
Los Angeles, California USA Jan. 10, 2013 New city, client work, lots of time in the Apple Store… related posts
Denver, Colorado USA Jan. 5, 2013 A quick stopover to be home and to visit friends… related posts
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA Aug. 23, 2012 Time with family and a little work towards food… related posts
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo Mexico Jul. 2, 2012 House sitting, snorkeling, a little sea sickness, and playing with our pack of dogs… related posts
Greensburg, Pennsylvania USA Mar. 14, 2012 A visit with family and some play in the rivers and woods… related posts
Nosara, Guanacaste Costa Rica Dec. 18, 2011 Travel training wheels: sun, ocean, sand, surfing, drum circles, a slow lifestyle, bad beer, good conversations… related posts
Denver, Colorado USA Tales on wrapping up life in our favorite place to live, and our launch from the US into the rest of world… related posts