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The Modern Nomad's Backpack ebook cover

The Modern Nomad’s Backpack: A Guide to Packing Light for Round the World Travel

By Anne Richardson

A Packing Guide For The Traveler Spending a Year Abroad or The Digital Nomad Embarking on Indefinite Travel — After spending over 2 years on the road, took all of the good lessons we learned about packing and compiled them into this ebook. If you’re looking for advice on how to whittle down to three pairs of high heels, this is not the ebook for you. But if you want to make sure you have everything you need — and nothing more — to travel and work remotely from anywhere in the world, you’re in the right place. Learn more about the ebook.

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Adult Coloring Book

A is for Adventures in Adulting: an Adult Coloring Book

By Anne Richardson

Enjoy an alphabet of delightfully cynical cartoons that capture the thrills of being a responsible adult!
I started this project in 2011 in Costa Rica. It traveled with me through 5 other countries before the creative tragedy struck in Panama — I lost my files through a backup glitch while putting the finishing touches on the cover. So, I cried, then started writing The Modern Nomad’s Backpack (above). Several year later, I found some miraculous backup copy of some of my early drawings and decided it was high time I finished this project. So 6 years and thousands of travel miles later, it’s ready for you to laugh, color, and relax. Unlike the complicated patterns of other adult coloring books, these simple, comical illustrations make for easy color choices and stress-free doodling — which was the plan all along.

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New Orleans Pocket Tarot Self-Reading Tarot Kit

Pocket Tarot! The No-Experience-Needed, Self-Reading, Travel Size  Tarot kit

By Anne Richardson

Curious about Tarot but don’t want to spend the time to memorize all possible meanings in a 78-card deck?  Me too! So I made this deck to help us. Want to be the most popular person on a plane? Teach people how to do origami out of the in-flight magazine paper. Want to be the second-most popular? Break out these travel-size beauties and do a tarot reading. This deck comes in 2 sizes: Mini size (comes in a mystical velveteen bag) and Poker size (comes in a tuck box like a standard deck of poker cards). The kit includes cards with the meanings printed on them AND guides on how to lay them out to do a reading. No book needed! Huzzah!

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Chatty Gringa Spanish Travel Phrases and Playing Card Deck

Hairball – The Kitty Sitting Game

Be the Best Kitty Sitter in town! or at least make your opponent scoop a lot of poop…
Who wants to be the best kitty sitter in town? You do! You’re on kitty sitting duty and you’ve got to meet all of your kitty’s needs before your competition does. You’ll draw point cards — some positive (Purrr! +1) and some negative (Hairball! -2) and play them on your cat’s need categories… or your opponent’s.

It’s about to get catty up in here… Learn more about them here or

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Chatty Gringa Spanish Travel Phrases and Playing Card Deck

Chatty Gringa Spanish Travel Phrases and Playing Card Deck

Learn a little Spanish. Play a little poker. TRAVEL CONFIDENTLY. (Formerly known as Beach Break Spanish)
Hey you savvy travelers… do you need to know a little more Spanish to feel confident in a beach town in Latin America? Do you like to travel with a deck of poker cards? Hmmm… I thought so… Now you can keep your pack light by carrying ONE deck of cards that functions as BOTH a set of beach-specific Spanish flash cards AND a set of standard poker cards at the same time. Whoa! Can you tell I made these things just for you? <3 Not yet? Well here are some of the phrases you’ll learn:

  • I have sunburn and I need to buy sunburn cream.
  • Where can I get a massage?
  • Do you accept credit cards? I don’t have cash.
  • Do you have anything without meat? I am a vegetarian.
  • Is it safe to walk here at night?
  • I have a hangover. Let’s do shots of tequila!

Yep. These cards are soooo you. Learn more about them here or

Vegan Vegetable Memory Game

Vegan Vegetable Memory Game

Keep your memory sharp while you celebrate your plant-based diet! 
Mike and I have been through a lot of towns where we couldn’t find a decent vegetable. In other places, people do have access to produce, but are hesitant to buy it because they don’t know what it is, myself included. What in the heck is a parsnip? I didn’t know what one was until I created this game to help families (and myself!) identify and learn the names of some commonly confused (but usually plentiful and inexpensive) vegetables. Not everyone has access to food, but I believe that those who do shouldn’t be held back from nutrition by a lack of knowledge. Learn more about the game OR…

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Moonshine Bloodline book cover

Moonshine Bloodline

By Anne Richardson

It’s a wee little novel. Get it on your Kindle today!
“That man ain’t worth the dirt I scrubbed off his turnips.”  Bruce “Bruiser” Bandy spent his 20s running boats down the Mississippi and stealing other people’s money on his way back north. His life changed one day in a patch of vegetables when he met the woman who would inspire him to clean up, shape up, and settle his own town along a river in antebellum Virginia. This fictional tale set in the 1860s South stitches together three generations of love and heartache manifested in his town and through his bloodline.

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Travels in Central America book cover

Travels in Central America

By Anne Richardson

A 7-inch square paper book with photo highlights from our 2011-2014 travels in Central America (+ Mexico & Colombia)
Central America is a beautiful, colorful place. And sometimes we were lucky enough to capture some of it in photos. Other times, we were just there experiencing it. You can download the pdf for free here, or get yourself a fancy schmancy paper copy to slap down on your coffee table. Afterall, we all need a little inspiration to travel every once in a while.

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i love kale shirt

I Love Kale Shirt

Well, what can I say. Some people love kale. I’m one of those people, so I designed this shirt just for people like us. Each shirt is printed to order by the people at CafePress.

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kale shopping bags

Reusable Shopping Bags

Why choose between paper and plastic? 
The more we’ve traveled, the more we’ve seen trash and waste plaguing not only the landscape, but also the spaces in which people live and the quality of the food and water they consume. At times, it has been overwhelming for us. This is a tough problem to tackle, but eliminating plastic bag waste is insanely easy to do by using reusable shopping bags. We carry 3 with us and have saved about 450 plastic bags from the landfill/roadsides/oceans just this year. I created this line of reusable shopping bags to encourage more people to eliminate plastic bag waste as well. Even my regular veg vendor here in Panama has been admiring my bag and told me it is “muy bonita.”

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