Chatty Gringa Spanish Travel Phrases and Poker Deck

Chatty Gringa Spanish Travel Phrases and Playing Card Deck

Learn a little Spanish. Play a little Poker. Travel Confidently.
(Formerly known as Beach Break Spanish)

We believe in wanderlust. We believe in a summer that never ends. We believe in making new friends and having one hell of an adventure. We also believe in making absolutely unique, fun, and functional travel gear.

Now you (or that graduating niece) can keep your pack light by carrying ONE deck of cards that functions as BOTH a set of beach-specific Latin American Spanish flash cards AND a set of standard playing cards at the same time.

This is the only deck of its kind. Whoa! Can you tell we made these things just for you? It’s almost as though we’re travelers too… oh wait, we are! <3

With this Deck, You’ll Learn Phrases Like…

  • Where is the bathroom?
  • Do you speak English?
  • I have sunburn.
  • I need to buy insect repellant.
  • Do you have anything without meat? I’m a vegetarian.
  • I have a hangover… let’s do shots of tequila!

Still not sure if this is the deck for you? Read this review on Travel Gift List. (It was formerly called Beach Break Spanish)


Check out happens via the GameCrafter website.

BUY LOCAL FIRST! This game is printed in and shipped from the US, in Wisconsin. Hooray!

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