Hairball: The Kitty Sitting Game

Be the Best Kitty Sitter in town! or at least make your opponent scoop a lot of poop…
 Who wants to be the best kitty sitter in town? You do! You’re on kitty sitting duty and you’ve got to meet all of your kitty’s needs before your competition does. You’ll draw point cards — some positive (Purrr! +1) and some negative (Hairball! -2) and play them on your cat’s need categories… or your opponent’s.

Watch out, once kitty sitters start slinging Scoop the Poop cards around, things can get a little catty! Rwar!

Where did this game come from??
My noggin. Mike and I both like kitties and we’ve done a little bit of kitty sitting too. Why not make a game of it? I like silly fun games, and this one is certainly that. Plus, I got to draw a lot of kitties while making it. [squee!]

Hairball - The Kitty Sitting Game

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BUY LOCAL FIRST! This game is printed in and shipped from the US, in Wisconsin. Hooray!

  1. Did you draw all of the kitties?
  2. Do your foresee a dog version of this game?
    Quite possibly.
Full Rules

Get the full rules and how to play here.

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