Hairball Game Rules

Game Set Up

  1. Separate the purple Care Point cards from the deck. Shuffle and place them face down in the center of the table.
  2. Separate the cats’ Care Needs cards (ex: Grooming, Feeding…) into 4 piles by cat/color. The 4 cats are Princess, Bitsy, Gus, and Clyde.
  3. Choose your kitty sitting assignment by selecting 1 set of cat cards (or 2 sets each if there are only 2 players).
  4. Arrange your cat’s cards down in front of you, face up, so that everyone can see.
    With 4 people playing, the table setup should look like this:

Game Play

  1. Princess goes first, because she’s a princess. Duh. If Princess is not playing, the youngest player goes first.
  2. Draw a purple Care Point card and decide if you want to play it on one of your cat’s needs,
    or someone else’s…
  3. After you set your card down, it is the next player’s turn.
  4. You need to reach the exact point amount required for a Care Need in order to complete a need. For example, Bitsy’s Feeding needs are exactly 2 points, while Clyde’s are exactly 4 points. This may require adding a negative card to your stack in order to reach the exact amount (ex: +1 +2 +1 +2 -1 = 5).
  5. When you do reach the exact amount, flip the Care Need card over and discard the purple Care Point cards by placing them face up in the center of the table.
  6. These discarded Care Point cards will be shuffled and reused when the draw pile is empty.
  7. This is what a game in action looks like:
  8. The first person to flip over all of their cat’s Care Need cards (for both cats if you have 2 cats) wins. Hooray!
  9. You can keep your piles tidy by zeroing out matching opposite cards (ex: -1 +2 -1 = 0) and discarding them in the discard pile. This helps to keep point cards available for game play.
  10. You may not directly discard any cards that you draw. You must play it on one of your cat’s cards or someone else’s. You may only discard a card if it absolutely cannot be played on any cat in the game, which is rare. This may even mean giving a +3 or +∞ card to your opponent. Uh oh!
  11. The +∞ Total Kitty Bliss card is awesome. If you draw it, you can use it to complete and flip over any one of your cat’s needs. Hooray! Keep in mind, this card can only be used once in a game. Set it aside after you use it.
  12. The -∞ Emergency Vet card is also awesome… if you want to make your opponent cry. If you draw it, you can use it to bring any one of your opponent’s closed Care Needs cards back into play with 0 points. This means they need to start over with that Care Need category. Ouch. You cannot use this card to wipe out a big debt on one of your own cat’s cards. This card can only be used once in a game. Set it aside after you use it.

Have fun and watch out! Things might get catty…

Still Have Questions?

Contact Anne. She’s happy to explain how to go about doing this kitty game shenanigans, or post your question as a comment on this page. I betcha your question may be really useful to others.

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