The Modern Nomad’s Backpack: A Guide to Packing Light for Round the World Travel


Learn to Pack Light for Extended International Travel. Unlike the usual packing books that teach you how to fold your clothes, this book guides the modern digital traveler into packing more aspects of your life into a small bag, so you can travel the world indefinitely.

More and more freelancers out there are making the move to living and working remotely, but the endless questions like “How much stuff should I carry?” “How do I backup my files?” “How do I still get paid?” and “How do I access my money overseas?” can be overwhelming. This book cuts to the answers on how people are doing it.

Loaded with gear recommendations, strategies, pro tips, and even 12 bonus ninja level packing tips from seasoned travelers, this book is a great place to start your adventure — even if you’ve never traveled internationally before.

In this quick read, you will gain skills of…

  • packing your stuff in a carry-on size bag (never check your bag again!)
  • choosing the right bag, your constant travel companion
  • finding the good, innovative, made-for-travel gear
  • making free phone calls and handling your existing mobile phone contract
  • methods of accessing and protecting your money while abroad

Word Count: 16,342
Reading Time: 1-2 hours (at average reading speed)

Customer Reviews

“I defy anyone, from the virgin traveller to the ancient wise nomad, to not find something of value in this book. What a gem, engaging, humorous and written from someone who knows through experience what they are talking about.”

Jayne, Global Nomad via Lizzybus LandRover

“This book is ‘packed’ with great travel advice. I wish I had read this book before my husband and I started off on our adventure. And even though we’ve been traveling for a while there were plenty of ideas and advice in the book that I had not come across before of thought of myself. I would recommend this book for both long-term travelers or anyone who needs to pack a suitcase.”

Jen, Global Nomad

“I am about to be doing a lot of traveling to Central and South America. Not only that, but my career involves advising travelers and preparing them for short and long term trips to Central and South America. This book has been more of a help than I could even imagine! It is my main tool in advising my travelers on how to be prepared and confident on their trips. It has helped with the critical logistics I need in order to run my organization smoothly. Thank you so much Anne for all of your helpful advice! It has made my career a lot less stressful. The Modern Nomad’s Backpack will continue to be a foundational tool for my organization.”

Brittany, Review

“This book is a great resource on how to organize your gear for either for a RTW trip or as long term nomads. We are leaving to travel the world next year so this was the perfect book for us! We’ve often been guilty of overpacking so these tips on what and how to pack were great.”

Frank Thomae, Author
Misadventures in Faraway Places

“As a novice traveler preparing for long-term overseas travel, I am so grateful for the priceless advice and personal experience that Anne has compiled in The Modern Nomad’s Backpack. This book discusses very practical ways of making both short- and long-term traveling experiences fun and meaningful—all while keeping your bags light and your belongings safe.”

Kyle Cox, Asia-bound Nomad

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